After 15 years serving Athens, Five Star Day Cafe has closed its doors.


We sincerely thank you for all the support and love we have been given through the years. Five Star has been truly blessed with some of the most amazing people to pass through our copper-plated door.


To the creative bunch in the kitchen, so many of whom have gone on to open your own neighborhood kitchens, we thank you all for sharing your family recipes, your love of cooking, and your music.


Thank you to our counter staff, always quirky, having just the right knack for making new folks feel at home, tattoos, piercings and all. Thank you for letting customers know what to do as they walked in, wondering how this tiny place works, adoring you and our little cafe by the time they left.


Thank you to our customers, who braved long lines out the door, trusted there would be a seat for them at the end, balanced their drinks, held their kids close, assured their visiting mom & dad, patiently waited through metal music on sunday brunch, squeezed in tight to a table, passed the hot sauce & vinegar to a stranger, made friends, and left feeling full - of soul food and love. We thank you sincerely for your enthusiastic support through these years.


It has been a privilege to serve you, Athens. We hope to see you somewhere again soon.